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Build a tailor-made trip or an unforgettable experience through active listening, empathy and exclusive negotiated privileges. Our Concierges will organize your holiday as if it were their own, in your image.

A digital journey that transforms the trip

If there is one sector that has been turned upside down over the last ten years by new uses, it is the tourism sector. From research before departure, to travel on site and then back home, digital has transformed consumer habits and behaviour. The challenge for tourism professionals today is simple: to understand a complex and omnichannel customer journey.

With the sanitary crisis, flexibility has become the number one criteria to allow customers to cancel and be reimbursed in case of unforeseen events. In addition, environmental and social issues also fully affect travel and leisure consumers, who increasingly wish to combine pleasure with sustainable development or utility. Already forerunners in the digital field, travel agencies will have to integrate offers in line with their customers' new values.


Personalize your offer and your customer relations

It is a trend that has become unavoidable with the explosion of digital technology. With the plethora of online travel offers, sometimes a real headache and a real mental burden for some, professionals in the sector have understood that to stand out, they need to be more than ever attentive to the desires and needs of their customers. The objective? To create unforgettable trips for them.

This personalization process is not only linked to the choice of original or even unusual activities, it applies to the entire trip, from the mode of transport to the type of hotel desired. The ability to offer a unique itinerary adapted to the customer's profile will significantly increase their overall satisfaction at the end of the trip.

Beyond the desire to make each experience unforgettable, customers are above all looking for strong emotions that can transform a very good trip into an exceptional one. It is precisely this ability to obtain a personalized response that will make the customer feel privileged and experience each stage of their journey more intensely.

However, pleasing the customer is only one part of the job! What if a problem arises during their stay? Indeed, an excellent customer experience in tourism does not end with the planning of the trip, it continues beyond that, especially if the customer encounters one or more issues. As in many sectors where risk and disaster can occur at any time, it is important to provide the customer with the best possible support and to guide them towards the appropriate solutions. Of course, the risk is limited if a flight or other activity is cancelled, but alternatives must be offered to make the experience as pleasant as possible.


An in-house travel agency

Employees specialized in the organization of trips around the world are available to listen to customers' requests on a daily basis.

Subsidiary of the Accor group

John Paul, a subsidiary of the Accor group, allows all members to benefit from statutory and tariff advantages on hotel reservations.

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Alain Grangé

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CEO O Lifestyle
Alain Grangé

John Paul has a unique perspective on concierge excellence, (...) which is the core element of the personalized service the company provides. Both John Paul and O Lifestyle strive to achieve this excellence and the passion and pursuit of the extraordinary drives our companies respectively.”

Olivier Larigaldie

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CEO of the John Paul Group

"John Paul is dedicated to a single mission: to take care of your best customers. We help create a strong experiential and emotional connection between them and your brand. Our pride is in assisting them on your behalf on a daily basis, our joy is in creating extraordinary bespoke experiences for them!"



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