John Paul lifestyle conciergerie

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John Paul lifestyle conciergerie

Saving you precious time.

Our Concierges, true private personal assistants in everyday life, take care of your Members to meet all their requests, from the simplest to the most exceptional, in all areas. Our job: to save your customers time, so that they can concentrate on what is essential.

Helping you cope with emergencies

At John Paul, we offer daily support to our Members by finding them the best emergency professionals: a housekeeper, a locksmith, or a plumber to simplify their daily life.

Making your life easier

Shopping recommendations and delivery, administrative support & assistance, dry cleaning services, housekeeping, babysitting, homework help, access to sports sessions and wellness: entrust us with your daily life and we will take care of you.

To make you live unforgettable moments

Access to the most beautiful restaurants, not to miss any exhibition of the moment, access to all the cultural events, organize special events, we are here to make you discover the most magical places.



Coming to your wedding riding an elephant. 


Guiding clients to help them find their path in an isolated place in Asia. 


Locating a last-minute place for a France-UK match. 


Finding a doctor, at the last minute, to vaccinate a member so that he could join his family abroad. 

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