Real estate concierge services, a new weapon of seduction and a lever of attractiveness for developers and real estate agents

Couple with a real estate agent in front of a building

Real estate concierge services, a new weapon of seduction and a lever of attractiveness for developers and real estate agents

As in many sectors, competition is pushing market players to reinvent themselves and go beyond their level of expertise. Real estate players such as landlords, rental agencies and major developers are no exception, and they too are now turning to loyalty programs like those offered by John Paul to attract and seduce increasingly demanding tenants and set themselves apart from their competitors.

The appeal of differentiation 

Fierce competition in the real estate market is opening up new horizons. Today's tenants have a wide choice of properties to rent, and there's no shortage of addresses. The difference is sometimes the extra service offered by the property, and concierge services are becoming a marketing weapon. Real estate lessors outbid each other by offering concierge services to future tenants. Find the best restaurant in the neighborhood? A nanny or a serious craftsman to recommend? Who wouldn't be seduced. 


The search for a simplified living experience

Access to lifestyle services to simplify tenants' lives is offered by the concierge service: call a baby-sitter, book a restaurant, find a cab or find last-minute concert tickets... As many options as there are wishes, the concierge service will delight their daily lives. 

Those fortunate enough to have subscribed to a concierge service as part of their rent can also benefit from a referral service for home cleaning, building maintenance, parcel delivery and shipment management, à la carte home wellness services, installation of surveillance cameras... 


Impact on tenant satisfaction and retention 

Services at your fingertips improve tenant satisfaction and encourage long-term retention. The commitment is stronger, the desire to stay prolonged. It's an investment for the developer, but also a further assurance of retaining a demanding, affluent population.  



Whether an individual or a company, the need is no longer simply to rent a property, but to benefit from a range of quality services. Concierge services are therefore a real asset for differentiating oneself from the competition and winning over customers, enabling landlords to offer quality living or working spaces, and real estate agencies to attract increasingly demanding tenants.


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